Raw materials spike, tariffs crimp Ikea’s FY18 profit

Clint Engel

Inter Ikea Group, the owner of the Ikea brand, posted 58.9% increase in fiscal year net profit and an 11.5% increase in revenues but said rising raw materials costs and tariffs weighed on its bottom line.

After adjusting out write downs related to acquisitions from the previous year and this past fiscal year, profits declined nearly 12%.

Net revenues for the period ended Aug. 31, were 25.52 billion euros, up from 22.88 billion euros a year ago. Inter Ikea reported net income of $1.45 billion euros, up from $912 euros. The acquisition of range supply and industrial companies reduced its net income by 812 million euros in fiscal 2017 and by 72 million euros this past fiscal year. Without them, Ikea had a more profitable 2017.

“Increased prices for raw materials and other resources, together with growing tariff charges pressured results in (fiscal year 2018),” the company said in a release. And this was before the bulk of the U.S. tariff on Chinese imports kicked in.

Ikea franchisee retail sales grew 4.5% to $38.8 billion euros. The sales gain was lower than expected while raw material prices increased.

With increasing online sales, “we are making changes to our supply chain setup to accommodate for alternative ways to delivery Ikea products to end customers,” Chief Financial Officer Martin van Dam said in the annual report.

In the United States this year, Ikea U.S. reversed plans for two additional big box stores and put others under review while it pivoted expansion plans to a series of online-order oriented fulfillment centers.

Ikea has 422 stores in more than 50 markets worldwide. An estimated $3.32 billion in furniture, bedding and accessories sales at its 44 U.S. stores during the 2017 fiscal year made Ikea’s U.S. operations No. 3 on Furniture Today’s most recent Top 100.

New store formats noted in the annual report include smaller stores in secondary markets and city centers built without self-serve warehouses; pick-up points that offer custom a more convenient and affordable alternative for picking up orders or arranging for delivery; and experience- and theme-oriented pop-up stores that would opened for a maximum of six months.

Van Dam said the development of new store formats and e-commerce capabilities “impacts short-term results.”

To support its low-price commitment, the company took a 1% reduction in its gross margin. “Going forward, we continue to reduce costs by developing more efficient supply, logistics and procurement processes,” van Dam  said.

“To meet the challenges of a rapidly changing retail environment, Inter Ikea Group is investing in franchise, product range, supply chain and industrial development,” the company said a release. “These investments are complemented by development efforts from our franchisees.”

The company is devoting “significant resources to make Ikea more affordable, accessible and sustainable for Ikea customers,” van Dam said.


Local Veteran, Glenn Smith, Will Be Given a Bathroom to Say ‘Thank You’ for Serving Our Country


​This Veterans Day, Reborn Bath Solutions, Southern California-based home remodeling company specializing in bathrooms and kitchens and a division of Reborn Cabinets Inc., is teaming up with ten home improvement companies from across the country on an initiative called Baths for the Brave. This one-day special event is planned for Thursday, Nov. 8, and will provide 10 veterans from across the country, including Glenn Smith from Orange, California, with a brand-new tub or shower system, free of charge, to help improve the lives of those who sacrificed so much for our country.

Glenn Smith was enlisted in the Air Force and served from November 1954 – November 1956. He was stationed in Clovis, New Mexico, now known as Cannon Air Force Base. Glenn had a dream to be an airman but his dreams to fly were shattered when his vision wasn’t strong enough to be airborne.

Not one to let a setback keep him from pursuing his purpose, he took the role of being an officer and a gentleman to a new level. Known for his excellent character, communication, and being an encourager, the 23-year-old was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and led a team of 20.

Smith recalls those days of service as ‘being hard times’ as the F-86 was just being released and 13 pilots lost their lives including his neighbor, a 36-year-old General who died while trying to land a test plane at Clovis. His commitment to keeping morale up during tough times landed him in a coaching position for the Air Force Base’s Volleyball and Basketball teams, where he was able to use competition and team comradery to help his fellow enlistees navigate the pain of war time losses. His passion for service continued as he served as a Reserve for 8 more years.

Fast forward to the present, Smith shared with Reborn Cabinets how losing many of his financial resources while caring for his late wife of 43 years who lost her battle to dementia changed his life. Losing a partner after a lifetime of love and memories is a huge obstacle to overcome, but being the encourager he is, he presses on. He fondly looks back at all the good memories and wouldn’t change any of it. He built a legacy of perseverance and leadership for his 3 children, 16 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. No matter what happens in life, character is something no one and no war can take from you.

Reborn Cabinets salutes Glenn Smith for his service and commitment and is honored to present him with a new bathroom.

This year, Reborn Cabinets, along with the other ten home remodeling companies, will be posting the Baths for the Brave crash live all day on Facebook and Instagram.


Why you should never bring your cell phone to the bathroom

Researchers concluded that you could be exposing yourself and others to germs like salmonella, E. coli, and C. difficile.

Ever since mobile devices became the primary mode of contact for people, it seems no boundary exists to separate hand and cell phone. This includes the bathroom. Despite it being a mostly solitary endeavor, many are using it as an opportunity to multi-task—checking and responding to emails, scrolling through friends’ photos on social media, and even responding to texts or talking on the phone. But, according to research, this isn’t just objectionable behavior. It’s actually dangerous!


MetroUK asked three researchers to weigh in on the dangers of taking a phone into the bathroom, and they concluded that you could be exposing yourself and others to germs like salmonella, E. coli, and C. difficile. This could happen when you wipe yourself, touch the flush handle or door lock and then touch the phone prior to washing your hands. Or, of course, without washing your hands at all. These are the 8 places you should never, ever touch in public bathrooms.

If you’re alarmed by the possibility of contracting such germs, but desperate to stick to your habit of relieving yourself with cell phone in tow, then you’ll be glad to know there are ways you can lower your risk.

“Read the book or phone in your right hand, then transfer it to the left,” hygiene expert Dr. Lisa Ackerley explains to MetroUK. “Wipe with your right, flush with the right, carry the book or phone out in your left hand without touching anything else and then wash your hands.”

She goes onto say, “If you wipe your bum then pick up your phone, you may as well not bother washing your hands because all the bacteria you put on your phone will end up back on your hands.” Read up on the 22 germiest things in your home.

Still a bit perturbed on the matter? Dr. Ron Cutler, director of biomedical science degrees at Queen Mary’s University London, is with you. “Basically, you just shouldn’t (take your phone into the toilet) if you are at all concerned about the transfer of viruses and fecal contamination.” Next, make sure you know these 11 other things you should never keep in your bathroom.


Pizza Shop Owner Apologizes For ‘Caitlyn Jenner’ Bathroom Sign

Pizza Shop Owner Apologizes For 'Caitlyn Jenner' Bathroom Sign

A pizza shop owner has apologized after catching flak for signs he hung outside the bathrooms in his restaurant.

To identify the two bathrooms at D’Acosta’s Pizza Bakery on Millbrook Street in Worcester, owner Marc Felicio posted a picture of Bruce Jenner on the men’s room door and Caitlyn Jenner on the women’s room door, he explained on the company Facebook page. The post contained an apology, clearly referring to reaction from customers who were offended.

“It was never our intention to ridicule a celebrity who, for many, is the face of the transgender community,” said Felicio in a statement shared with Patch. “What we wanted to say is that we accept and welcome everyone regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.”

The bathroom signs, which have been up for 2 1/2 years, referred to famous transgender woman Caitlyn Jenner. Bruce Jenner, the Olympic gold-winning decathlete turned reality TV star revealed herself as a trans woman to Vanity Fair in 2015. Later that year, her gender change and name officially became Caitlyn Jenner.

The incident at D’Acosta’s comes less than a week after Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly voted yes on Question 3 , which upheld the country’s first statewide referendum on transgender protections that Governor Charlie Baker signed into law in 2016. Nearly 70 percent voted “yes” on the ballot question in Tuesday’s election.

The law added the term “gender identity” to the list of groups protected against discrimination in places like hotels or stores, a list that now includes race, color, religious creed, national origin, sex disability and ancestry.

The act relative to transgender anti-discrimination does not dictate language to be used to label a business’s facilities, but protects the right of a person to use either bathroom.


Kid stands up to bully teacher’s ‘no bathroom breaks’ rule, becomes class hero.

Kid stands up to bully teacher's 'no bathroom breaks' rule, becomes class hero.

Being a teacher has got to be one of the most underpaid and thankless jobs out there. Obviously, there are countless jobs that deserve more pay and recognition, but teachers hold a special place as molders of minds. They work day in and out teaching and influencing a whole generation of citizens, and yet they’re often given scraps when it comes to resources.

With these less than ideal circumstances in mind, I’m normally empathetic towards the measures teachers have to take to keep an orderly classroom.

However, there are always exceptions, and verbally abusive teachers who needlessly enact cruel rules deserve whatever hellfire they inevitably receive.

Since most of us have witnessed both the very best of teachers, and the very worst, it’s deeply satisfying to read about kids taking back the power from the abusive teachers at large.

So, when the Reddit user EmeraldEmesis shared a legendary anecdote about a child who stood up to a bully teacher who berated him for needing to use the bathroom, well, it was pure catharsis to read.

“I originally posted this as a comment on another post, but my SO thought it was worth sharing as a standalone. I’m adding a bit more detail and correcting some spelling and grammar. Also, posting from mobile, so apologies for formatting. Context: This happened in the early 90’s and at the time the teacher had been teaching for 30 plus years. It was a rural area, so many of my friends parents had also suffered through at least one year of primary school with this awful woman. I’ve seen a grown woman cry recounting memories of her experiences –she was really that bad.”

“My second grade teacher took pride in being a mean old cunt to her students. Wielding control over our tiny little bladders was something that gave her a particular satisfaction. One day during cursive lessons this kid named Joseph asked to use the bathroom. She told him he should’ve used the bathroom during morning recess and would have to wait until lunch. A little while later he started squirming in his seat and again asked to use the bathroom, this time with more urgency.”

“At this point our teacher starts berating the kid by telling him he is a little baby for not holding his bladder like a big boy and suggesting that he should wear diapers. Joseph gets tired of her shit, stands up from his seat, stares her directly in the eye and proceeds to unleash the most epic man-sized piss he could muster. “


10 Modern Bathrooms That Will Inspire Serious Jealousy


If you’re planning a bathroom reno, there’s a serious case to be made for taking your bathroom modern. It’s a classic design style that has surprisingly stood the test of time, and the pared-down aesthetic can be stunning when done right. If you think of modern spaces as cold and character-less, though, think again. The following bathrooms are proof modern can be totally inviting—not to mention super sexy.

1 Add A Rug

Courtesy of Veneer Designs

You don’t have to add a ton of decor accents to make your modern bathroom feel more inviting—literally all you need is a rug. A colorful, patterned number will instantly warm up your space.

See more at Veneer Designs.

2 Get A Plant

Courtesy of Tessa Neustadt

A potted plant is the easiest way to breathe some life into a simple, sleek bathroom. If you want to do something totally unexpected, put it in your shower.

See more at Amber Interiors.

3 Mix Your Styles

Courtesy of Black Lacquer Design

A little bit modern, a little bit industrial—we’re all about this warm, light-filled bathroom. The plush green and blue rug adds color and texture.

See more at Nicole Franzen.

4 Float It

Courtesy of Veneer Designs

A floating vanity = open space and clean lines for days. So basically, a modernist’s dream.

See more at Veneer Designs.

5 Go Bold

Courtesy of Black Lacquer Design

A bright, bold color might not be traditionally modern, but it’s a way to make the early 20th century design style feel fresh and fun.

See more at Black Lacquer Design.

6 Keep It Sleek & Streamlined

Courtesy of Veneer Designs

A floating tub is the ultimate in relaxation. This funky shape plays off the bold, graphic wallpaper in a way that’s still calming to the eye.

See more at Veneer Designs.

7 Add Natural Materials

Eric Roth

To warm up a modern bathroom, play with natural materials like this wood countertop and stool.

8 Go Gray

Paul Raeside

In a sleek Hamptons house, the master bath has a Wetstyle tub for a futuristic feel. The gray color palette keeps it feeling soothing.

9 All White Everything
white bathroom

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Calacatta marble walls and a gleaming Rêve tub by Kohler brighten this modern bath. A pom pom wall hanging makes it feel softer and cozier.

10 Try A Walk-In Shower
calming and ethereal bathroom

Eric Roth

In a Boston, Massachusetts bathroom, a plane of frosted glass separates the wet side of the bathroom, with the open shower, from the dry side, with the sink. The decor is clean-lined and minimal, but the wood accent keeps it from feeling too stark.


Dining room colour schemes – to add life with bold, beautiful colour

Dining room colour schemes don’t have to be bland and boring! The dining room is often one of the less-used rooms in the house nowadays, so if you still have a formal dining room, it’s worth embracing that sense of occasion and being a little more extravagant and daring with its decoration.

Take time to consider the size of the room and also the amount of natural light it receives, as it may take on a more practical use in the daytime, for homework or housekeeping, for example. A room flooded with light can hold its own during the day when decorated with dark colours, which in turn will be the ideal back drop for an intimate setting in the evening. However, a naturally darker room may benefit from a lighter touch of pale shades throughout the day, which can be warmed up with subtle lighting at nightfall.

Want more dining room ideas? READ: Small dining room ideas that will make the most of any space

Strong use of colour is not for the faint hearted, but a great way to create a dramatic dining experience. Be daring with colour on both the walls and floors, or for a more subtle approach, try a bright rug under the table to help define the dining zone, or create focal points with graphic paintings and prints. For an atmospheric dining experience, a range of tones in the same colour will unite the entire space, while a dark painted ceiling will give the room a cosy feel. If you have a dado rail, consider wallpaper above it and a deep colour below for a cocooning effect.

1. Unify a multifunctional room

Dining room colour schemes

Image credit: Alistair Nicholls

Co-ordinate a large open-plan room with a happy blend of colours. Start with a neutral backdrop throughout and add hits of colour across the scheme using soft furnishings. Keep the practical kitchen a defining monochrome and then merge into cool subtle grey and pastels for a seating zone (this one benefits from an abundance of natural light). Finally, bring a reclaimed dining set back to life with co-ordinating seat pads in vibrant jewel tones for an uplifting eclectic finish that works.

Get the look
Buy now: Similar wooden furniture, Oka

2. Set the mood with mauve

Dining room colour schemes

Image credit: Carolyn Barber

Pep up a breakfast table and bench with a laid-back palette of soft purples, pinks and greys. Warm up a neutral backdrop with a harmonious mix of stylish cushions of various textures in heather and ash tones to create a tranquil space. Pretty up the table with a delicate crochet table runner and a mix of tableware in pastel shades to continue the relaxed vibe. A large chalky, woven light shade hung off centre creates an almost moonlit setting.

Get the look
Buy now: Similar cushion, Regency pink velvet cushion, Habitat

3. Go for green

Dining room colour schemes

Image credit: Simon Brown

If your dining room overlooks the garden (or even if it doesn’t), consider a green decorating scheme to bring a little of the outdoors in. Choose an uplifting vibrant shade and team it with modern pattern for a stimulating scheme. Offset the bold with refreshing white and pretty leaf motif accessories. Use curtains to carry pattern – this loose chevron design in the same tone is an effective way of adding a refreshingly graphic edge while softening the bold colour choice.


Tricks and mortar: a Melbourne design duo finds an unlikely new home

For a duo well-versed in exhibiting in spaces both virtual and pop-up, it’s surprising that the designers behind Dowel Jones should choose this moment to make their first foray into bricks-and-mortar retail. Then again, designers Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch are no strangers to courting the unexpected. Earlier this year, Dowel Jones staged a Lucky Dip exhibition that saw them riff on the suburban mythology of reject and two-dollar shops. Prior to that, they took their first upholstered collection of furniture to new frontiers – not only to New York Design Week but to the virtual space, where they collaborated with the New York-based Australian designer Tom Hancocks on a series of hyperreal 3D renderings of interiors in which to display their Sister collection.

It’s all part of an ongoing interrogation by the duo into how spaces form an integral part of how object design is experienced. The same could be said of their first Dowel Jones bricks-and-mortar retail venture, which adjoins the Boom Gallery in the Newtown suburb of Geelong in a heritage listed, former woollen mill. “The building has an incredible history,” Hardiman told GRAZIA. “In the past we’ve tended to choose locations for events and temporary launches based on the character of the building, and this building is no exception. Boom Gallery over the past seven years has cultivated a community of creative partitioners on Rutland Street through their gallery, shop, studio spaces and makers space, so we’re very happy to be joining a growing community and destination location.”

Where many of their contemporaries would look to fortify their presence online or in major cities, for Dowel Jones the long-discussed idea of opening a physical space has always dovetailed with the desire to do so outside of a major city (as recently as this year, the duo relocated their manufacturing to the Melbourne-adjacent city). For Hardiman, the work itself necessitates that it be able to be experienced in person, and not only on screen. “After we launched our first upholstered collection earlier this year we realised we really did need a physical space so that people could understand how these pieces would fit into the home,” he says. Everything contained therein (artwork not included) is a work of their own design, with the store then doubling as an immersive portfolio of their exhaustive offering to date. “We’ll be slowly introducing new smaller items into the store in 2019 so that those that don’t want to purchase a lounge can take something small home with them,” adds Hardiman. “The success of having a store so close to our factory means that we can update the interior with new, and never seen before pieces before they launch.”

It will also provide a home for the limited edition pieces that the designers create for exhibition at shows like Salone del Mobile, the Milan Furniture Fair, where earlier this year they showed Venena Arca (Latin for Poisonous Cabinet), a cabinet of curiosities clad in leather and tattooed with illustrations of toxic native Australian botanicals. “We see the store as not only a place to buy our furniture, lighting and accessories, but also a space to spend a little time in,” says Hardiman. In January, a second showroom will follow, this one based in Richmond; next month, however, they will launch a new project that utilises surplus and waste upholstery textiles to create fashion accessories. If it’s any indication, there will be plenty more tricks to com


Here’s Where to Find Magnolia Home Furniture by Joanna Gaines

If the world was fair, everyone would have access to Joanna Gaines’ renovation wizardry and the unlimited budget to create homes they loved. But life’s not fair, Fixer Upper only lives on in reruns, and budgets often come with huge constraints.

There is some good news, though: just because you don’t live in Waco, it doesn’t mean you have to live a life devoid of Joanna Gaines. Thanks to the popularity of her show and the loyalty of her fan base, Joanna Gaines doesn’t just suggest furnishings for anyone hoping to achieve the same farmhouse chic aesthetic that she favors – she also creates furniture and accessories to help you get there with ease.

There are several different places where you can find pieces that were hand-selected or designed by Joanna Gaines herself. Forget cheap imitations – if you want to design a home that looks like it could have appeared on Fixer Upper, then simply head to one of these places (most of them are online so you won’t have to go far) and do a little shopping. It couldn’t be easier.

Find Joanna Gaines furniture and accessories at all of these places:

Magnolia Home Furniture by Joanna Gaines

Magnolia Home furniture

Magnolia Home furniture | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

The website for Magnolia Home Furniture describes the collection as a marriage of function and utility with a generous side of sophistication. Everything is made to withstand wear and tear – no purely decorative chairs that you can’t sit on here – but in a beautiful way.

While there’s no online ordering option here, you can browse the collections including furniture for your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, office, and accessories for anywhere. You’ll find plenty of clean lines, simple design, and big clocks, of course. There’s even a virtual tour of the showroom, which is located in High Point, North Carolina.

Head to the “Find a Retailer” page to locate the furniture dealer closest to you who carries the line.

Pier One

If you want to order furniture designed by Joanna Gaines but you aren’t willing to change out of your sweatpants and head to your local furniture store – or if there is no location near you who carries it – you can find Magnolia Home at Pier One online. Peruse furniture pieces like dreamy beds, accessories, and rugs. Keep an eye out and you could even get lucky and find something amazing on clearance. What could be better?

Magnolia Market

A trip to Magnolia Market & Silos belongs on every superfan’s bucket list. But if the plane tickets to Waco seem a little steep, you can shop for some of the items they carry online at the Magnolia store. They don’t carry the furniture collection, but you can find tons of home accents and accessories to help put the finishing touches on your home design. Shop for wall décor, kitchenware, candles, pillows and throws, gardening accessories, paint, decorative storage items, and so much more.


Hearth & Hand

Hearth & Hand at Target | Amanda Harding via Cheat Sheet

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now that Target and Joanna Gaines joined up in November 2017 to create an exclusive accessories line called Hearth & Hand. The whole collection has been massively successful each season with new additions including fresh pieces in the home décor, kitchen and dining, home office, bath, gifting, and paint and hardware categories. The other cool thing? You can only find these pieces at Target and they’re available online too.

Loloi Rugs

The thing about design is it all starts with a great base – like the floor, for example. Don’t underestimate the power of a great rug to take your existing space from blah and big reveal worthy in no time. Rugs designed by Joanna Gaines are available from Loloi Rugs online, so you can finally take home the perfect accessory you’ve been waiting for.


Malouf Display Increases Accessories Sales Without Sacrificing Showroom Space


Malouf announced and released a new over-bed accessories display and Walker Furniture and Best Mattress based in the Las Vegas area were the first retail partners to install it. The Malouf Modern Marquee™ Display utilizes vertical space, so retailers don’t have to sacrifice mattress spots on the sales floor.

“This gorgeous display has become the central hub of the accessories department. Customers can see it from any angle in the showroom. They are asking more questions and engaging more with the products,” said Walker Furniture Buyer and Sales Manager Mike Landsman. “We have also noticed that people are being drawn to the higher end items that previously didn’t get a lot of attention. Now we have an environment that supports luxury products and premium prices.”

Showcased in the Malouf showroom at Las Vegas Market in July, the Marquee display is designed to fit the full assortment of Malouf accessories from sheets and pillows to mattress protectors. The easily adjustable shelves allow stores to customize their display and create their own product hierarchy based on their customer’s needs. The flexible display also allows for future product adjustments.

“The display really makes a statement in the showroom. Customers are especially drawn to the colorful pillows and are excited to check them out,” Best Mattress President David Mizrahi said. “It’s much easier for our RSAs to attach accessories to mattress sales now. We’re putting these displays in all our locations.”

The modern and clean visual concept envisioned by the Malouf in-house interior design team incorporated colors that let the products shine. Constructed to fit over King and Queen size mattresses or as a stand-alone display, the Marquee fits seamlessly into the sales floor so retail sales associates can smoothly introduce accessories to customers throughout the sales process.

Independent retailers, like Bayou Beds based in La., have also seen success with the displays. “This new display is a strong statement to your customers that you are committed to the bedding accessories category, which really drives up attachment rates,” said Malouf VP of Sales Mike Douglas.

Architectural drawings for the Marquee display are currently available to all retail partners on the Malouf Wholesale Resource Center. Custom buildouts are also available to select partners. Contact your Malouf sales rep for more information.