How to Know if Rummy Games are Helping you?


While most people play the Indian rummy game just as a form of entertainment, the game also benefits most. This is because rummy is a skill game and people are able to hone certain skills as they play this game frequently. Here are some simple ways to assess if the game is really benefiting you:

You Have Better Concentration

As you frequently play rummy, you gain better concentration. If you have to win in rummy games, you should have your attention on the cards that are disposed and the cards that are in your hand. A habit is developed over a period of time to pay attention to finer details. This eventually develops your overall concentration skills and helps you perform better in your career.

You Have an Organised Approach to Everything

Once you start playing rummy, you develop a very organised approach towards everything. As a rummy player, you first arrange your cards in a proper order so that finding your cards does not pose a problem. When you realise that this approach speeds your entire game, you start applying this approach to your daily life too.

You Are Better at Managing Time

When you frequently play rummy with friends and family, you tend to become time conscious. This is because you cannot take more than a few minutes to decide what to play during your turn. This makes you plan the next move in between turns. Time management is a skill most rummy players acquire as they play rummy online and offline frequently.

Your Accounting Skills Have Improved

Rummy is among the few games where scoring more can be detrimental. Your goal during the game of rummy is to reduce the points in the hand as far as possible. For this reason, a frequent rummy player keeps track of the points in his or her hand. This helps you gain ability to maintain scores, points or any sort of calculations. Rummy can thus make you better at accounting.

You Don’t Use Bonus Points at First

Joker is like a bonus point in rummy. It can be used instead of any card in a sequence or set. Apart from a pure sequence, a joker maybe used to complete any set or sequence.  Most rummy players know that a joker can be extremely beneficial. However, they still give the pure sequence top priority. This is because a hand in rummy will be regarded void unless there is a pure or natural sequence in hand.

Your Memory Has Improved

Any game that requires you to plan and organise is also bound to improve your memory. Rummy is really no exception. If you play rummy regularly, you develop the habit of planning everything. Order and method help you recollect things sooner. This in turn helps to enhance your memory. As a regular player of rummy card game, you will surely develop better memory.

When you are a regular rummy player, if you see any of the above listed qualities develop in you, be sure rummy is benefiting you. You can also win some rummy tournaments online by participating in the seasonal cash tournaments. Create an account on Khelplay Rummy and make the best of online playing opportunity too so that you benefit completely from your rummy playing skills.