Let Cargo Lifts Do the Work


Save Time and Energy With Cargo Lifts 

No one looks forward to moving large objects by hand up and down stairs. Besides taking up time, heavy lifting can be a detriment to the body. Cargo lifts can save the wear and tear on muscles and backs. There are a variety of lifts for use in the home, business or commercial settings.

Conquer Everyday Tasks at Home 

The installation of a cargo lift in the home can offer a huge advantage when it comes to moving furniture or appliances between levels. The weight capacity of an average residential lift is 500 to 1000 pounds. People with disabilities will find that a lift can facilitate easy movement within their living quarters. A residential cargo lift is also useful for older adults when it comes to daily movement. Having a quality lift installed may also benefit the overall value of your property.

Get Down to Business 

Offices and small businesses will often need equipment, fixtures and furnishings moved to different locations within the building. This is where cargo lifts can come in handy. Lifts are an excellent option for restaurants when basement storage is the only option. The same can be said for office settings when supplies like cases of paper, copy machines and furniture must be transported. Lifts enable businesses to handle everyday logistics efficiently.

Give Commercial Buildings a Boost 

Commercial businesses and warehouses can raise their output efficiencies with cargo lifts. Moving goods from ground level to overhead storage areas is a breeze when utilizing lifts. A lift is also an option when space does not allow for a full-size freight elevator in a warehouse setting. Hotels find lifts useful because they can transport people, luggage and supplies within the building. Lifts can be a convenient accompaniment to standard elevators in hotels because they can be fit into smaller, centralized locations.