Massive tree crashes into bedroom while couple slept in Montecito home

Tree crashes into Montecito home

MONTECITO, Calif. – Longtime Montecito residents Oscar and Linda Sepulveda had a close call during the recent storm when powerful winds and rains uprooted a massive tree that crashed from a neighbor’s yard into their bedroom.

The pine tree came down late Thursday night while the couple was asleep.

Montecito had received two and a half inches of rain coupled with 50 mph wind gusts throughout the day and into the evening.

“The whole thing started with the rain coming down,” said Oscar Sepulveda. “There was thunder and lightning. It was incredible.”

A loud crash overhead startled the couple from their sleep.

“All of the sudden, some tree branches were sticking through the ceiling hanging over our bed,” Sepulveda said.

The tree, about 70 feet tall, slammed into their home on Sycamore Canyon Drive. Three large branches punctured their roof. The branches dangling eerily from their ceiling.

One branch was just inches from the head of their bed.

“We’ve been very, very lucky,” Sepulveda said.

The couple has lived through two fires and the devastating mudslide last January.

Sepulveda said he and his wife are grateful they weren’t injured by the tree.


Home Décor: Get Decoration Ideas, Tips And DIY On A Shoe-String Budget


It’s indeed true that people have an emotional connection with their home. After all, this is the place where you’ll be spending most of your time. You can ingeniously utilise the space within your house and add amazing decoration to create the perfect set up. Your concept could revolve around simple home décor ideas or even complex ones. While the placement and quality of the furniture is important, many overlook the fact that their blank walls can be employed for further embellishments. There are a plethora of home decoration items available in the market that’ll help you do the same. Let’s take a look at a few excellent tips that’ll assist you in enhancing the visual aesthetics of your residence:


Most people seek out the perfect home decorating ideas on a budget, and this is certainly one of them. Wallpapers are extremely flexible with regards to installation and replacement. This is why they have become the preferred choice for many nowadays. They will render your living room attractive, irrespective of its size.

Wall of Memories

Everybody has a collection of memorable photographs that are dear to them. You can use them to adorn the walls of your corridors or even a staircase. If you’re a musician, you can decorate your jam room with posters of your idols. There is no need for extravagant frames as simple ones would do the trick.

Wooden Furniture

Extremely convenient and durable, wooden furniture is rapidly rising in popularity. Good-quality wood pieces don’t require too much maintenance and can easily be moved around. Their rustic look will be simple yet highly enticing. Employing this unique option will provide you with an effective and cost-efficient solution.


Are you a lover of art or an artist yourself? Do you have a fancy collection of creative works? Then you can enrich the walls of your home by hanging those paintings or portraits, which will easily glam up your space. This will also help you maintain a mini art gallery right at home.

Soothing Landscape

The ambience of your bedroom should reflect its purpose. It should be a comforting and relaxing space. Use natural tones like greens and blues on the walls. If you wish to, you can use wallpapers that help you feel comfortable and at ease. The wall hangings in your room can either be inspirational quotes, pictures of your loved ones or simply a calming wall painting.

Bright Paint

Adding a fresh coat of colour is one of the easiest ways for you to add a little character to your décor. If you feel like bright walls all around might be a bit alarming, try adding a pop of red or a bright green to one wall in a room. This will be the focal wall in the room, and you can further embellish it with mirrors, shelves and other show pieces.

Best Curtain Materials

In India, the world is quite literally your oyster when it comes to selecting fabric for your curtains. You can opt for a simple cotton or even khadi instead of the all-too-common chiffon and satin offerings. It’s a good idea to pick curtains in colours that offer a good contrast to your walls.

Old Mirrors

A vintage mirror from an ancestral home could be the perfect accessory in your modern home. These gorgeous artefacts will add a classy touch to any room with their large reflective surfaces and ornate decorations.

Stone Cladding

Want to give your house an ancient look? Then, cladding a certain section of your house with stone tiles is the perfect solution for you. This concept will be ideal for your living or dining room.


What better way to beautify your dining or living room than by installing an enamouring chandelier. You can also settle for lanterns if you’re specifically looking for home décor ideas for small homes. By employing these solutions, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone as they’ll serve the dual purposes of lighting and beautification.


This is another traditional aspect that is common to many old-fashioned Indian houses. They form an integral part of many rural homes and are an absolute visual delight. A wooden swing will greatly augment the look of your living room and veranda. Plus, they provide the perfect spot for you to curl up with a good book or enjoy a heart-to-heart with a loved one.


If you’re not keen on paintings or posters, then you can certainly opt for this option. Choose any theme you like to enhance the visual appeal of your house. It’s absolutely essential that you select the appropriate paint colour that’ll provide the perfect backdrop.

Handcrafted Doors

Want to give your visitors a royal entry? Why not opt for handcrafted doors. They are common across many luxurious Indian homes and will provide your house with a little traditional charm.

CD Wall

With the age of digital music, you can use this idea to use those old album covers while also decorating your home. Create a collage of your favourite CD covers and put it in a place of pride in your home. This is a great way for music aficionados to showcase their vast collection.

You can get really creative with regards to embellishing your house. Using the available area wisely while striking the right balance between simplicity and extravagance can provide you with great benefits. Happy decorating!


Black Friday home deals 2018: Furniture, lights, lamps and bed sheets best UK offers on NOW

Tomorrow might mark the official start of Black Friday but big name retailers have started early this year with some particularly impressive offers on lighting, sofas and everything you need for a full interior makeover.

It’s no coincidence Black Friday comes just in time for the holidays and can provide an excellent opportunity to dress up your home however much you like. Debenhams is having a 50 % off lighting sale for today only, November 22, and we’ve highlighted some fantastic finds below. Other brands like Andrew Martin and department stores including John Lewis are promising discounts of up to 75% across a wide variety of its furniture, home accessories, lighting and everything you need to make your space that extra bit homely.

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal days are the ideal time to stock up on those big-ticket items that you need.

In the lead up to the big sales day, we have gathered the best deals out there so you can plan out your purchases and prevent that last minute panicking buying.

As new deals are released, we will be constantly updating this list to ensure all the best deals are included.

Get ready to shop…

Furniture and Lighting

If your sofa looks or feels a bit worse for wear or you have had the same table lamp since uni and are finally ready for a change, Black Friday offers the perfect excuse to invest in your interior with a range of furniture in every form. Bring new light and life to your space by taking advantage of the impressive discounts that will make updating your space more cost effective. The biggest retailers are going all out with impressive discounts across its range of furniture and lighting, see the best below.

Debenhams *Lighting deal of the day

Take a whopping 50% lighting at Debenhams for today November 22 only. This is certainly one of the best lighting sales around for Black Friday 2018 with an impressive 200+ lighting products offered at half off. A variety of designer options are on offer as well, like the flamingo table lamp by Matthew Williamson reduced to just £42.50. If you don’t have the budget to splash out on a new sofa or table, there’s no better or more practical piece of home decor to spruce up your space than a great lamp. Sale ends tonight.


Smart Home Security Camera Sends Footage to Wrong Person, Is Maybe Not So Smart After All

Internet-connected devices are known for having their fair share of security issues—especially when it comes to cameras. But here’s a new one: the BBC reported this week that a smart home security camera started sending video clips to the wrong person.

The BBC first caught wind of the problem shortly after one of its employees purchased an internet-enabled camera made by Swann Communications and started receiving video footage that showed the inside of someone else’s home. The company claims the problem is a one-off occurrence but there’s been at least one other instance of the issue reported.

The BBC staffer, Louisa Lewis, reportedly first purchased her security camera in December and didn’t have any issues with it until last week, when she started getting notifications from the device. The Swann camera typically alerts the user when it detects movement, so Lewis checked to see what was going on. What she saw, per the BBC, was a stranger’s kitchen:

“I was out and I had a couple of alerts,” she recalled.

“Naturally, I looked at my phone only to see the video was not of my home.

“At first I ignored it – I thought it must be an error – then I had several other alerts, at which point I thought I had better get in touch with Swann.”

The short video clips, which downloaded directly to her phone, offered a surprisingly intimate albeit brief glimpse into someone else’s life. In one shot, it showed a man and a woman walking past the camera. In the other, a child’s voice was audible in the background.

When Lewis contacted Swann about the issue during the weekend, she was told nothing could be done about the issue until Monday. Once it was finally addressed by the company’s staff, Lewis stopped receiving clips from the unrelated camera.

Why exactly did the mix up happen? A spokesperson for Swann told the BBCthe issue was the result of a human error. All cameras are given a security key which allows the device to securely transmit footage from the camera to a Swann server and be retrieved on a smartphone or other device. In this case, two cameras were given the same security key, which resulted in the footage being sent to Lewis.

Swann also blamed the family, noting that they ignored a warning prompt that informed them the camera was already paired to another account. But at the end of the day, the issue stemmed from Swann producing duplicate keys—not the family failing to understand the company’s mistake.

The spokesperson for the company said “no further data was breached or accessed by additional third parties,” and said it was a “one-off” occurrence, but that may not be the case. There has been at least one other reported incident of a person receiving footage from a Swann camera that doesn’t belong to them.

On Twitter, a user going by The Obscure Brewer and identified by the BBC as Tim Lane reported receiving footage from a pub. Swann said it was investigating the situation but claimed that the issue was likely the result of both the pub and Lane registering their products with the same username and password.

That explanation seems…suspicious, at best. You shouldn’t be able to register a device with a username that is already in use, for one. And, even if that is possible, what are the odds that a person selects the exact same login information as someone else? That just doesn’t seem to check out.

One way or another, it seems like Swann has some security issues it needs to sort out. Though given there are tens of thousands of unsecured, internet-connected cameras that you can tap into at any time, the company isn’t alone.


Tricks and mortar: a Melbourne design duo finds an unlikely new home

For a duo well-versed in exhibiting in spaces both virtual and pop-up, it’s surprising that the designers behind Dowel Jones should choose this moment to make their first foray into bricks-and-mortar retail. Then again, designers Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch are no strangers to courting the unexpected. Earlier this year, Dowel Jones staged a Lucky Dip exhibition that saw them riff on the suburban mythology of reject and two-dollar shops. Prior to that, they took their first upholstered collection of furniture to new frontiers – not only to New York Design Week but to the virtual space, where they collaborated with the New York-based Australian designer Tom Hancocks on a series of hyperreal 3D renderings of interiors in which to display their Sister collection.

It’s all part of an ongoing interrogation by the duo into how spaces form an integral part of how object design is experienced. The same could be said of their first Dowel Jones bricks-and-mortar retail venture, which adjoins the Boom Gallery in the Newtown suburb of Geelong in a heritage listed, former woollen mill. “The building has an incredible history,” Hardiman told GRAZIA. “In the past we’ve tended to choose locations for events and temporary launches based on the character of the building, and this building is no exception. Boom Gallery over the past seven years has cultivated a community of creative partitioners on Rutland Street through their gallery, shop, studio spaces and makers space, so we’re very happy to be joining a growing community and destination location.”

Where many of their contemporaries would look to fortify their presence online or in major cities, for Dowel Jones the long-discussed idea of opening a physical space has always dovetailed with the desire to do so outside of a major city (as recently as this year, the duo relocated their manufacturing to the Melbourne-adjacent city). For Hardiman, the work itself necessitates that it be able to be experienced in person, and not only on screen. “After we launched our first upholstered collection earlier this year we realised we really did need a physical space so that people could understand how these pieces would fit into the home,” he says. Everything contained therein (artwork not included) is a work of their own design, with the store then doubling as an immersive portfolio of their exhaustive offering to date. “We’ll be slowly introducing new smaller items into the store in 2019 so that those that don’t want to purchase a lounge can take something small home with them,” adds Hardiman. “The success of having a store so close to our factory means that we can update the interior with new, and never seen before pieces before they launch.”

It will also provide a home for the limited edition pieces that the designers create for exhibition at shows like Salone del Mobile, the Milan Furniture Fair, where earlier this year they showed Venena Arca (Latin for Poisonous Cabinet), a cabinet of curiosities clad in leather and tattooed with illustrations of toxic native Australian botanicals. “We see the store as not only a place to buy our furniture, lighting and accessories, but also a space to spend a little time in,” says Hardiman. In January, a second showroom will follow, this one based in Richmond; next month, however, they will launch a new project that utilises surplus and waste upholstery textiles to create fashion accessories. If it’s any indication, there will be plenty more tricks to com


Here’s Where to Find Magnolia Home Furniture by Joanna Gaines

If the world was fair, everyone would have access to Joanna Gaines’ renovation wizardry and the unlimited budget to create homes they loved. But life’s not fair, Fixer Upper only lives on in reruns, and budgets often come with huge constraints.

There is some good news, though: just because you don’t live in Waco, it doesn’t mean you have to live a life devoid of Joanna Gaines. Thanks to the popularity of her show and the loyalty of her fan base, Joanna Gaines doesn’t just suggest furnishings for anyone hoping to achieve the same farmhouse chic aesthetic that she favors – she also creates furniture and accessories to help you get there with ease.

There are several different places where you can find pieces that were hand-selected or designed by Joanna Gaines herself. Forget cheap imitations – if you want to design a home that looks like it could have appeared on Fixer Upper, then simply head to one of these places (most of them are online so you won’t have to go far) and do a little shopping. It couldn’t be easier.

Find Joanna Gaines furniture and accessories at all of these places:

Magnolia Home Furniture by Joanna Gaines

Magnolia Home furniture

Magnolia Home furniture | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

The website for Magnolia Home Furniture describes the collection as a marriage of function and utility with a generous side of sophistication. Everything is made to withstand wear and tear – no purely decorative chairs that you can’t sit on here – but in a beautiful way.

While there’s no online ordering option here, you can browse the collections including furniture for your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, office, and accessories for anywhere. You’ll find plenty of clean lines, simple design, and big clocks, of course. There’s even a virtual tour of the showroom, which is located in High Point, North Carolina.

Head to the “Find a Retailer” page to locate the furniture dealer closest to you who carries the line.

Pier One

If you want to order furniture designed by Joanna Gaines but you aren’t willing to change out of your sweatpants and head to your local furniture store – or if there is no location near you who carries it – you can find Magnolia Home at Pier One online. Peruse furniture pieces like dreamy beds, accessories, and rugs. Keep an eye out and you could even get lucky and find something amazing on clearance. What could be better?

Magnolia Market

A trip to Magnolia Market & Silos belongs on every superfan’s bucket list. But if the plane tickets to Waco seem a little steep, you can shop for some of the items they carry online at the Magnolia store. They don’t carry the furniture collection, but you can find tons of home accents and accessories to help put the finishing touches on your home design. Shop for wall décor, kitchenware, candles, pillows and throws, gardening accessories, paint, decorative storage items, and so much more.


Hearth & Hand

Hearth & Hand at Target | Amanda Harding via Cheat Sheet

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now that Target and Joanna Gaines joined up in November 2017 to create an exclusive accessories line called Hearth & Hand. The whole collection has been massively successful each season with new additions including fresh pieces in the home décor, kitchen and dining, home office, bath, gifting, and paint and hardware categories. The other cool thing? You can only find these pieces at Target and they’re available online too.

Loloi Rugs

The thing about design is it all starts with a great base – like the floor, for example. Don’t underestimate the power of a great rug to take your existing space from blah and big reveal worthy in no time. Rugs designed by Joanna Gaines are available from Loloi Rugs online, so you can finally take home the perfect accessory you’ve been waiting for.


Bedroom fire damages West Hartford home

Image result for Bedroom fire damages West Hartford homeJust a day after taking over the top spot with the West Hartford Fire Department, newly appointed Chief Gregory Priest was digging through charred debris at a house fire Sunday that chased a family out of their Clarendon Avenue home.

“It’s been an interesting first 24 hours,” Priest said.

The blaze, which started in a second-floor bedroom at 9 Clarendon Ave., at the corner of South Quaker Lane, was reported at about 4:30 p.m. Firefighters arrived in four minutes, by which time the occupants had evacuated, Priest said. The fire was quickly knocked down and there were no injuries, he said.

Priest said investigators believe the fire was accidental and have traced the origin to a piece of electrical equipment. The flames were contained to the bedroom, but there was smoke and heat damage in other rooms and the house was not habitable Sunday night, Priest said.


The sea on your doorstep in this idyllic 12-bedroom Edwardian home in Nairn

During the early years of the Edwardian era, it was said the sun rarely set on the British Empire.

Those who were rich were happy to display their wealth and, for some, summer afternoons spent in the garden and either hosting or attending lavish house parties was the norm.

Napier House, Nairn

Napier House on Seabank Road in Nairn may well have witnessed such times.

The seaside town, often referred to as “the Brighton of the north”, was hugely popular with Victorians and Edwardians keen to make the most of the area’s mild climate, glorious beaches and clean, fresh air.

Napier House was built around 1900 and is one of the most prominent and finest coastal homes in the seaside town.

The front of the house enjoys fine views over the beach and the Moray coast while the back of the house not only overlooks the world-famous Nairn Championship Golf Course, but has direct, private access to it.

For the past eight years, Napier has been home to David and Mary Cameron and their two sons.

Napier House, Nairn

What’s unusual about that is that this gracious, large home has been lived in by relatively few families over the years.

“The house was built as a holiday home by a GP from Edinburgh and his wife, and I’m led to believe it was the first home in Nairn to have its own electricity supply,” said Mary.

“They’d come up for two weeks in the summer and the rest of the year the house was unused, which seems incredible these days.

“Over the years, the house was owned by a series of bachelors and single people who lived here in splendid isolation.”

Napier House, Nairn

Today, the house – which is on the market at offers over £750,000 – is very much a family home, albeit one with a huge amount of accommodation.

The full accommodation comprises, on the ground floor: an entrance vestibule, hall, dining room, sitting room, drawing room, morning room, cloakroom, washroom, main and prep kitchens, butler’s pantry, walk-in larder, storage cupboard, laundry/utility room, paint room and boiler room.

On the first floor, there’s a master bedroom with en suite bathroom and dressing room, five further bedrooms, three bathrooms and a shower room, a large hall, sitting room, linen store and further storage cupboards.

And there’s more…

On the top floor, there are six bedrooms – 12 in total – and what’s described as a tank room.

“My husband David is originally from Forres and although we lived in Oxford, we’d regularly visit Nairn, staying at the Golf View Hotel,” said Mary, 57.

“When the boys were aged 11 and 15, we moved to Nairn to get away from the rat race.

“Oxford is so busy, and it’s not what it looks like on TV.

“Here it’s lovely, so quiet and peaceful, and having the sea on your doorstep is wonderful.

“When I go back to Oxford, I miss the clean air of Nairn.”

The house required upgrading and they tackled this enthusiastically.

Mrs Mary Cameron of Napier, Seabank Road, Nairn.
Picture by Sandy McCook.

“We have done it up inside and out – put in new bathrooms and water systems; a beautiful new German-engineered kitchen, and generally brought the house back to life while keeping as many original features as possible, including all 13 fireplaces!

“They all work, but we’ve never had them all burning at the same time,” said Mary.

“There are fireplaces in some bedrooms and bathrooms which we no longer use, but they could be used in the future.

“We’ve installed two wood burners downstairs and when they’re lit, the house is like a furnace.”

Although it’s an enormous property, Mary said that within a couple of weeks of moving in, it felt pretty normal to have so much space.

“The boys had a whale of a time living here,” she said.

“They’d disappear upstairs with their friends and had great fun playing football and sports in the gardens, or down at the beach.

Mrs Mary Cameron of Napier, Seabank Road, Nairn.
Picture by Sandy McCook.

“It was idyllic.”

While this stunning home is full of wonderful details such as intricate cornicing, wall panelling, working room bells, picture rails, leaded glass, traditional Edwardian tiles, original doors and large rooms, outside is also rather swish.

The house is approached via a pillared entrance while the driveway is lined with maturing beech hedges.

The gardens are immaculate, full of well-stocked flower beds and trees, including fruit ones, and there’s a pond, too.

There is also a summerhouse, greenhouse and detached garage and storehouse.

“Although we offer B&B on a small scale, with both boys now away at university, it’s largely just myself, David and Bilko, our enormous husky, at home now, so the house feels a little too large for us.

“It really should be lived in by a family, so it’s with a sense of reluctance we’ve decided to sell.”