Transform Your Man Cave into a Girlfriend-Approved Bedroom



There comes a time in every guy’s life when it becomes clear it’s time to settle down. If you’re in the fortunate position to have the occasional overnight guest, that ratty old bedspread and tired wall decor ain’t gonna cut it anymore. It’s time to transform your man cave into a girlfriend-approved space.

We can help. From comfortable bedclothes to stylish wall art to tech that makes life easier (and cleaner) we’ve compiled a selection of items that will turn your dirty, ho-hum bedroom into a plush abode anyone would want to stay in.

guy girl bed
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And of course, these suggestions are exactly that: mere guidelines to guide you on your path from confirmed bachelor to full-fledged grown-up. We implore you to use your discretion and infuse your own personality and taste into your bedroom choices. Yes, you should get new sheets and a new comforter—but in the color and style that makes you (and her) happy. You should also absolutely get an area rug, even if your room is carpeted; the style, color, and size are all up to you, though. Take these ideas and run with them; we won’t judge.

Whatever you decide, under no circumstances are you get fake plants! Organic and natural are far sexier than pre-fabbed and sterile.

Also, the robotic vacuum is key; we’re not budging on that. Just because you have a girlfriend now doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly learn how to use a vacuum cleaner! (We kid, we kid. We’re sure you’re very tidy.)

Check out some of our selections below to transform your man-cave into a girlfriend-approved living space.

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